Malicious Injury to Property

State v. Fernandez, Domestic Battery in the Presence of a Child, Malicious Injury To Property

This case started as a felony Attempted Strangulation.  The State ultimately dismissed the felony and proceeded to jury trial on the two misdemeanors.  After a day of trial that included numerous pictures of alleged injuries and property damage as well as police testimony of alleged admissions Mr. Fernandez made, the jury returned a swift and just NOT GUILTY verdict.


State v. Boelter, Malicious Injury to Property

Ms. Boelter was accused of slashing her ex’s tire. She was only identified by the ex’s new girlfriend. This alone created credibility issues. New girlfriend testified that she heard a loud pop and then pssss before seeing Ms. Boelter fleeing. The defense argued it is ridiculous to hear a violent pop followed by the sound of air escaping through a tiny hole. This argument coupled with the obvious bias of the witness resulted in a swift NOT GUILTY verdict.


State v. Mwanthi, Malicious Injury to Property

In this case Ms. Mwanthi was on felony probation and was facing a probation violation solely for this new charge. Ms. Mwanthi had a rocky relationship with her apartment neighbors. They claimed she retaliated by keying their truck and that they witnessed the whole thing through the door’s peephole. After detailed cross-examination, the defense found numerous holes in the neighbors’ version of events and exposed their deep bias toward Ms. Mwanthi. NOT GUILTY