Barrera Law Offices

The Barrera Law Office is dedicated to providing clients with an excellent defense in all criminal cases. The government and its seemingly unlimited resources has targeted you for prosecution. It is important that you arm yourself with an attorney who is capable of defending you against this onslaught.

Call us and we will explore every aspect of your case with you. At the outset of your case you want an attorney who can spot legal problems with the evidence against you, such as illegally obtained evidence. Exposing these problems with persuasive writing and argument might result in a favorable resolution for you or dismissal of the charge(s).

When resolution before trial proves futile, you want an attorney who has trial experience. I have tried many cases and received acquittals in over 20 of them. I have even successfully argued appeals before the Idaho Court of Appeals.

You want an attorney who prepares for court by pouring through officer audio and not just taking the officer’s account of the facts as reflected in his report. Your choice of attorney could affect the rest of your life. Make the right choice. Call me today for a free consultation. 208-340-2115.